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Women Political Leadership in Amalgamated Communities

by Egalite International

Egalite International is pleased to announce a launch of the project “Setting up a Network of Female Political Leadership in Kyiv and Cherkassy oblasts of Ukraine to Strengthen the Participation of Women in Local Elections in Amalgamated Territorial Communities.”

The Project intends to reduce a dramatic cut in women participation caused by the decentralization process in Ukraine and plans to network 100 women interested in the political activities on the local level and provide them with communication and peer-to-peer platform.

Alongside, the project will improve capacities of women in basics of candidacy for public offices, effective messaging and communication and information strategies and motivate local communities and women themselves to participate in elections as candidates and create favourable conditions for female political regions in selected territorial hromadas.

The project team believes these activities will contribute in equalizing male and female political participation, open new opportunities for women and establish an effective and sustainable instrument for future women leaders.
Women political leadership will maintain greater responsiveness to citizens’ needs, increase cooperation between different actors such as political parties, businesses and communities, support disadvantaged population and promote prioritization for development issues.

The project streams to synergy with other women-related initiatives, SDGs’ supporting projects and development programs in Ukraine and worldwide.

Egalite International invites women NGO, experts and activists to establish contacts and maintain communication with us. You can contact us here or drop us an email through with a subject “Women Political Leadership.” We appreciate expert opinions, guest posts, any questions or comments from you.

The project is implemented thanks to the support of Canada Fund for Local Initiatives in Ukraine.

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